Transcribing the images

Texts in LatTy (and some of texts in CroALa) were first transcribed from digital photographs.

A sample index page of images (from a manuscript of Vannetti's plays) can be seen here: Vannetti.

Technical infrastructure

The photos were made accessible by IIPserver, an advanced high-performance feature-rich image server for web-based streamed viewing and zooming of ultra high-resolution images by Ruven Pillay. Pyramidal tif images are accessed using Ruven Pillay's IIPMooViewer.

Annotating the text

Named entities

Once the basic text structure and metadata are in place, our transcriptions are enriched by marking references to "named entities" --- names of persons, organisations, places. These marks enable analyses such as Gorana Stepanić's Deities in Big Numbers: A Digital Analysis of the Mythological Apparatus in Three Croatian Neo-Latin Epics (presented at the IANLS 2015, Vienna). Stepanić was able to analyse and compare three long epic poems using the table shown below (from a Google Spreadsheet). The table itself was compiled from the XML database of our Latin texts, using BaseX queries.