Applications to the additional non-budget sources of funding, from the beginning of UKF project Croatica et Tyrolensia

The project has submitted five applications for funding; one project has been accepted.

1: Erasmus+ programme (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices - Strategic Partnerships)

Sententiarum variationes - an open philology digital learning space.

A 36 months project to encourage engagement with authentic Latin through informal and non-formal learning situations, made possible by digital tools and digital communications channels; €449,967 requested, €109,170 allocated to Croatian partners for learning, teaching, and training activities; software development, curriculum development, multiplier events; project rejected.

2: Horizon 2020 (e-Infrastructures)

The Open Philology Virtual Research Environment (OP VRE)

A 70 months project to support the study of historical languages in general, with a particular focus upon textual data in and about Ancient Greek and Latin, the two foundational languages of European culture. €7,941,982 requested, €408,265 allocated to the Croatian partner, for Software development, Textual and linguistic data acquisition, Scholarly editing, Citizen science support, Dissemination and exploitation, Project management. Rejected.

3: European Social Fund – Research Grants for Early Career Researchers

The Library of Nicolaus of Modruš: A Digital Catalogue and a Study

A 15 months project to develop a digital catalog of preserved manuscripts from the library of Nicholas, bishop of Modruš (1425-1480), and a study on this library. HRK321,452.55 (€42,075) requested (total for the Croatian partner) for Postdoc support, Research visits, Travels to conferences, Publication. Rejected.

4: I Tatti Fellowship at The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, in Florence, Italy

Curial Prelates between Rome and the Provinces: The Case of Nicholas of Modruš

A 12 months project to investigate the career of Nicholas of Modruš at the curia of Pope Sixtus IV, trace his activities as a provincial governor and papal propagandist, and thus shed light on the role that curial prelates played in the restoration of the papacy’s prestige and its rule over the Papal States. Requested $50,000 (€45,171), total for the Croatian grantee, for Research visit and Study support. Accepted -- see link .

5: Arts & Humanities Research Council, United Kingdom – Research Grant (open call, standard proposal)

SNAP2: Standards for Networking Ancient Prosopographies

A 36 months project for an international collaboration that seeks to create a virtual authority for ancient persons and other prosopographical entities (e.g. names, titles, divinities, groups) through a Linked Open Data collection of common information. £661,848.11 requested, £21,402 (€29,647) allocated to Croatian partner for Student internship and Travel. In process of evaluation.