CroALaBib: Croatiae auctorum Latinorum bibliographia

The Croatian neo-Latin bibliographic and prosopographic collection CroALaBib records data on 2,871 authors and 3,937 works (together with data on handwritten, printed, and digital manifestation of these works); we also have records on 584 works of secondary literature.

CroALaBib Data

CroALaBib collects data on authors and persons connected with written works (addressees, sponsors, editors). For works itself, CroALaBib distinguishes the ideal "work" (which may itself consist of several lesser works) from its various manifestations (which may comprise different editions of the same text as well as its translations).

In CroALaBib we collect data on written literary works, but also on inscriptions and plays; for plays, there are records of known performances as well.

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Croatian Latin Drama

Data prepared and analysed by Nina Čengić

Technical Data

CroALaBib is an XML data collection, queried and served through the BaseX database. Specific XQueries were prepared for our research questions. Both the XML files and the XQueries can be freely accessed and reused; a current version is published through Bitbucket, as Mercurial repositories (data, queries).


Data and XML in CroALaBib are published under a Creative Commons license CC-BY.