Greek and Latin Sentences, Core Set

The aim of this set is to illustrate treebanking on simple and (eventually) logically organized and indexed material.

Sentences from Epictetus' Enchiridion

Ready to be pasted into the Arethusa treebanking pane. With grammatical notes.


From TündraPerseus:

Sentences from Catullus

Including some adaptations

Cat. 68

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  1. Predicate dependent on root: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED [word=/.*/]
  2. A very simple sentence: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED [word=/.*/] >OBJ [word=/.*/] >ATR [word=/.*/]
  3. A very simple sentence, object modified by adjective: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED [word=/.*/] >OBJ [word=/.*/] >ATR [pos="adjective"]
  4. Learn about OCOMP: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED [word=/.*/] >OCOMP [word=/.*/]
  5. Find predicate dependent on root, with OCOMP and noun as OBJ: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED #1:[word=/.*/] >OCOMP [word=/.*/] & #1 >OBJ [pos="noun"]
  6. Both OCOMP and OBJ are nouns: [cat="ROOT"] >PRED #1:[word=/.*/] >OCOMP [pos="noun"] & #1 >OBJ [pos="noun"]