CroALa: one collection, many forms

Neven Jovanović (
2nd International Symposium Digital Humanities: Empowering Visibility of Croatian Cultural Heritage. Zadar, November 6-8, 2017

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The Plan

A digital library of Croatian Latin?

Formats and publication venues?

Visibility strategies?

Into the great wide open...

A digital library of Croatian Latin

Area of interest

Ca. 15,000 texts by 1,500 authors connected with Croatia from the 10th to the 20th century

Topic: philology

The texts more than material objects (books, manuscripts)


A physical collection comprising at least a significant fraction of the corpus does not exist anywhere.
The texts are dispersed.

Accessibility: the canon?

A pragmatic issue with serious theoretical repercussions:
we tend to study most what is most easily accessible.


Collect and publish digitally as many Croatian Latin texts as possible.

Croatiae auctores Latini, first published 2009: over 5 million words, over 450 documents.

CroALaBib: a bibliographic database, 15,925 titles, 2,871 persons, 4,871 works, 417 manuscripts, 7,283 exemplars, secondary literature

License: CC-BY

Acquiring texts


Transcribing (students, scholars, volunteers)

Correcting OCR

Adapting texts in other formats, from other collections


Preservation: formats

Well-documented standards: TEI,
ODD for our own TEI-subset.

Precise reference: CTS (Canonical text service).

Formats: validation

Continuous integration of CTS-compatible CroALa texts (collaboration with the Perseus DL):

Preservation: publication venues, archives

Zenodo / Github

Croatian infrastructure:

Integration: hard questions

Persistent identifiers?

Integrating CTS?

Controlled dictionary for metadata
(Neo-Latin genres, names...)

Visibility strategies

Visibility: CroALa international editorial board

Consilium editorum: Neven Jovanović (Zagreb), Yasmin Haskell (Crawley, WA), Nella Lonza (Dubrovnik), Bratislav Lučin (Split), Elia Marinova (Sofia), Darko Novaković (Zagreb), Terence O. Tunberg (Lexington, KY)

Visibility: CroALa collaborates with other collections

CC-BY: sharing research data and sources

Corpus corporum (University of Zürich)
Perseus Digital Library (Tufts University)

Visibility: CroALa in research

Neulateinische Wortliste (München)
Comparison of CroALa and Latinitas Tyrolensis (LatTy, Innsbruck)
Comparison of CroALa and Poeti d'Italia in lingua latina (Venice et al.)

The future of CroALa?


Integration of the bibliographic database

Support for digital scholarly editions

the TeMrežaH project

More open to contributions (students, citizens)

Towards a European and global Neo-Latin collection